Remedial Works

For home owners who are able to sub divide their property, there is often a certain amount of remedial or demolition work required to comply with W.A.P.C. regulations.
Commonly this involves removing carports and bringing up the height of external brickwork. As well as roof reconfigurations and sometimes some internal work is also required.
It is particularly bitty work and is difficult to find the right tradesmen to take on such work as it generally also comes with a set of unique and unforeseen problems. This is where the expertise and knowledge of the team at Renovating Perth works at its best. We can overcome every possible issue we may encounter, since there is very little we have not previously seen we can fix it without any fuss or mess.

If you are embarking on a subdivision for the first time and encounter problems, we have contacts in the industry who can help you complete your project with the best possible outcome, despite the council you are dealing with.

If you have your W.A.P.C. approval call Kevin for a quote now 041 794 3247