Internal Works

Internal renovations covers a long list of jobs around the home. from simply changing floor coverings and wall paint colour, right through to knocking down walls and redesigning the entire layout of the home.
Many ‘ renovation’ companies are simply interior designers with no construction industry knowledge at all, just a large marketing budget.Some have building training but from the east coast of Australia where building methods are completely different. Because of this, you need to be very specific in your understanding of the work you require and ensure you are working with the right company before you even start.

The team at Renovating Perth is headed by Kevin Rea who has owned and run renovating business’ for 30 years in the UK and Perth. The team specialise in working with older properties which are usually uneven and out of square. They are particularly good at doing work that others have said can’t be done. Everything is possible in the building industry.

Here is a list of our most commonly requested services:- Check out the Gallery for inspiration.

Cut out wall and fit new door.
Reposition door.
Fit new door and frame to existing opening.
Wall removal/ new wall construction.
Laundry renovation.
Bathroom renovation.
Installing or matching skirting boards and cornice.
Installing and repairing traditional timber floors.

If you simply want some advice on what is possible with an idea of costs, you can book a consultation which will give you access to years of knowledge and advice for a small cost with no obligation to proceed.
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