Internal Renovations

Door replacements, Doors newly fitted, Doorways blocked up,Walls removed or installed, Laundry's refitted, Handles & locks changed, Ceilings Patched.

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External Renovations

New entrance doors and combination frames installed, Windows replaced, Double Glazing, Carport enclosures, Single to double garage extensions, Garden walls, Roof reconfigurations.

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Remedial Works

All demolition and making good in preparation for subdivisions.electrical disconnections, Roof & gutters reconfigured, Eaves removals, Wall brick ups.

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Renovating Your Home

Your home is your palace. When your palace needs any kind of upgrade, you need to be confident that you are working with people who have real experience and actual building knowledge, not interior decorators who will claim to make your home look like a million dollars but don't do any real renovating. With over 3 decades of renovating expertise Renovating Perth have virtually seen and done it all. Call us first for your renovating needs and get the job done properly first time. Don't end up on our " other people's cock up's" list

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